Fredy Texis
Hi! My name is Fredy Texis..but you probably already guessed that from the headline. I am 19 years old and live in LA. I like to bike, it's my passion. I like electronics, its my hobby. I also like to weld and try to spray paint art or draw..even though i suck at both of them. I love to listen to metal, indie, pretty much everything. I also play bass, it's a 5-string and still learning. I love to hang out with my friends and just skate around and talk about life and what the future holds for us. but mostly just mess around and do funny things. I'm a very nice guy and can show you my feelings more than i can say them, that's just me. I like people for being who they are, not for what they try to be. I like to be romantic and sweet. It shows that i care. I'm a very patient guy. Easy to piss off but wont show it, unless you do something really stupid. Oh, and i'm a total gentleman, and i like to get crunk! I try to hold on to things i love and care for, for as long as i can. I never lose hope.
In love with this top tube.
  1. In love with this top tube.

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